Improving Lives Through Fitness


Achieve Total Body Fitness in Portland, OR

Gain self-confidence, lose weight, and learn more about fitness at Bodybalance Techniques in Portland, OR. Our team has offered successful fitness programs, nutritional counseling, and stress management classes since 2005. We believe in improving lives in our community through total body fitness. Join our team today and learn more about how we’ll improve your life.

Calorie-Burning Workouts

From strengthening dumbbell workouts to high-intensity cardio, we offer fitness programs centered on whole-body wellness. Our personal trainers will work with your needs to design a program that’s perfect for your fitness goals and fitness level. Not only will you learn more about the best physical techniques to achieve the fitness level you desire, but you’ll learn how to manage your diet, as well as how to face and overcome common obstacles in fitness training.

Massage Therapy

When working out new areas of the body, it’s common to feel lingering aches. Bodybalance Techniques offers recuperative massage therapy for our members. By massaging the muscles, our certified therapists will help ease and release any knots in the muscles, so you can recover quickly and get back to your fitness program.

Nutritional Counseling 

To manage weight and achieve total body fitness, you need more than a consistent fitness program. Our professional team offers expert nutritional counseling. In our programs, you’ll learn about carbohydrates, calorie intake, ideal protein levels, and more, so you understand what foods you need to eat to reach your goals and become fit for life. 

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